About Us

Lou Orrichio, Carl Roldan and Dan Stevens love to sing! When they got  together for fun and sang harmonies as a trio, they realized that THIS COULD BE THE START OF SOMETHING BIG!

All born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, they each had their own bands and singing groups as young adults. Little did they know that one day they would all move to Staten Island, NY, meet and join forces and form a vocal harmony group called Memories. In addition they started a production company called Class Act Productions offering DJing and a variety of live entertainment.

Lou started playing the guitar at the age of nine. At the age of fifteen he joined a local rock band. After a few years of Rock he switched gears and joined an oldies band that specialized in the Sound of the 50's and 60's. It was in this band that Lou realized his love for vocal harmony. Lou and his family moved to Staten Island in the mid 70's. He worked on his vocals and soon after, became a guitarist and vocalist for several wedding bands. Wanting to spend more time on vocals and vocal harmony, he started working with different vocal groups. Over the years, he has performed with groups such as: Trapezoid, The O.B.G's, Harvest, Hollywood Nytes, Beau Geste Orchestras, Afterglow, The Husbands, Quatro and Memories. In 2000, Lou moved to Millstone Township, New Jersey where he currently resides with his wife Maria. He has a son Daniel and a grandson also named Daniel. Lou has his own Allstate Insurance business in Brooklyn.

Carl was born in Brooklyn. He started playing guitar at the age of fourteen. At sixteen Carl and his friends formed a band called The Vampires.  Later on as his guitar playing and vocals improved, he formed another group called The Projections Five.  He continued playing until he was drafted into the Army.  He was employed by the New York City Transit Authority as Director of Finance and Administration. Music took a backseat to job and family until he was prompted to pick up his guitar again when asked to play for his church.  Carl has been a solo vocalist and was part of vocal harmony group called The Husbands.  In addition, Carl DJs and is now proud to be part of this vocal harmony group "Memories".  Carl is an independent business owner with a home based business called Images Graphics Design and a E-Commerce Internet business called Roldan Enterprises (Plan B).  Carl lives in Staten Island with his wife Rita.

Dan was born and raised in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn. He grew up with a love for Music, Sports and Entrepreneurism. His successes in those and other areas come from his philosophy that life is not a dress rehearsal……you only get one, so be a participant, not a spectator…. And always make people feel better because they’re around you! Dan has done that through music and a sense of humor from the time he was five. From just dreaming he was part of a famous band as he sang along to a transistor radio and beat on cardboard boxes and garbage can covers, to making that dream a reality. Through the years he has been a solo vocalist, lead vocalist with groups including Sugarfoot, The O.B.G.’s (where he first met & performed with Lou in the 70’s) & Spirit. Dan has also written songs and performed in front of audiences in the thousands. In all that time, he has never had more fun than forming Memories and performing with Carl and Lou. He believes “the best is yet to come”!
Dan now lives in Staten Island with his wife Dorothy and their two boys; Danny & Ryan.


1 Renaissance Community, Sumerset, New Jersey - Labor Day Celebration
Masthope, PA - Copacabana Night
Arena Steakhouse, Staten Island, NY - Dinner Show
Nucci's South, Staten Island, NY - NYE
Mirage, Italian American Club, NJ
Marlbolor Greens, New Jersey
Princeton Manor, New Jersey
Encore, Italian American Club, Monroe Township, NJ
Regency Adult Community, Italian American Club, Monroe, New Jersey
Tides, Adult Community, Totenville, Staten Island NY
Puglia by the Sea, 750 Barclay Ave, SI, NY 10312
Eger's Nursing Home & Assisted LivingPark Avenue Bistro, Freehold, New Jersey
Masthope PA - Memorial Day Weekend BBQ
West Point, 49ers Lodge - Wedding Celebration
College of Staten Island - Annual RotaryShow
Snug Harbor Veterans Hall - South Shore Rotary Show
Marina Grand - Singles Summer Party
World of Women, Marina Grand, NY - Gala Dinner/Show
Hilton Gardens Inn, NY - Gala Fund Raiser Dinner/Show
Angelos Restaurant, NJ - Dinner/Show
La Bove Grande, NJ - Dinner/Show
Staaten Catering - Red Hats Christmas Party
Renaissance - World Of Women's annual Gala
Bermuda Inn, Staten Island - Richmond Senior Services Fundraiser Dinner
Island Chateau - Red Hats Summer Party
South Shore Country Club - Private Parties